Entry #6

A Formal Apology

2015-10-03 11:00:41 by BenFaggle

Hi. I don't know what my name is, or maybe I just don't want to tell you. I started this account when I was in grade school, thinking I was being the amazing edgy memelord. Naturally, it resulted in stupid drawings of poorly-made stick figures bloodying each other to death, needlessly obscene doodles, and a fanboyish obsession with LazyMuffin and Eddsworld.

In other words: I'm sorry.

I would like to formally apologise to anybody who's ever seen any of my crappy artwork. I will hopefully do better things with my life in the future, and hopefully this will be the one chapter of my way up that I forget along the way.

Thank you, and have a good day.


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2015-10-03 12:37:38

You should never be ashamed for that!Hey,it's alright to have messed up drawings,you can learn from them and remember those times and even laugh about it(it's more than what I have done for the time I'm here),so there's no need to apologize!Hope to see more from you soon and take care!


2015-10-03 14:58:23

hey everything is a learning experience, it's good to hear you're doing well tho. keep surviving and i wish you all the best yo